Frequently Asked questions

I am glad you asked! I am in the process of starting a blog. Please stay tuned for

Emails and requests made through my booking page are returned as quickly as
possible, and preference is given to longer appointments. Dinner or lunch dates are my personal favorite, as I find that the excitement of anticipation while our eyes lock, we flirt, eat delicious cuisine and share stories greatly enhances the quality of our time together!

Self-care and personal hygiene is of the utmost importance to me, and I expect
the same of you. Please be showered and well groomed within 15-20 minutes of
our scheduled date. You may shower before our time begins with no interruption
of our scheduled time if you are unable to do so before. If you are coming down with a cold or illness, please have the courtesy
to reschedule with me.

Please leave the donation in the restroom, inside an envelope, or inside a favorite book or gift bag when meeting in public. Please make sure I have the donation within the first five minutes of our time together. All expenses are accrued are to be covered by you during our time together. Thank you!

I ask that you respect my needs and boundaries at all times so
that we can both fully enjoy our time together. If I am disrespected during our time together or made to feel unsafe, I reserve the right to end our time together without refund.

  • Natural blonde with blue eyes (my hair is currently a bit lighter than in the
  • No fillers, plastic surgery nor tattoos
  • Height 5’4”
  • Irish, French and Scandinavian heritage
  • Born and raised in California
  • Currently in my late 20s

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